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WP4 will explore the current practices in the field of terminologies adopted by European museums (to be compared with those used in other sectors of cultural heritage and in cross-domain portals), in order to guarantee their semantic interoperability with the structure of Europeana. It will work on multilinguality issues by surveying and integrating existing multilingual tools and ensure alignment between the Museums terminologies and thesauri and the Athena SKOS thesaurus.

The first step is to build up an operational working group of experts belonging to the ATHENA network, ready to work together with experts working in other projects, focusing on museums and other sectors of cultural heritage. This working group will identify and describe existing terminologies and multilingual tools adopted within online services. The objective is gathering experiences from museums and other heritage domains, to be complementary to the resources already integrated by the “Europeana: the European digital library network” project. In this perspective, the focus has to be made on the identification of services providing multilingual / semantic access or providing cross-domains access.

Based on this first data collection, the WP will then provide :

  • an identification and an analysis of vocabulary resources. This work will be complemented by an

identification of ways and solutions for building multilingual access to these resources;

  • in tight cooperation with WP3, an identification and an analysis of the different existing data structures.

This work is done from the access point of view (how each data structure can be accessed in online services), in order to build on the experience of existing cross-domain services, and is complementary to the one already done by the “Europeana: the European digital library network” project and the interoperability group.

Thanks to the experience developed, a selection of some resources to be integrated in Europeana (in liaison with WP5) will be made, with a mapping exercise for its integration in Europeana. The results developed by WP4 could be used by WP7 for the implementation of a new plug-in.

Finally, the WP will propose recommendations and guidelines:

  • bringing content together from the point of view of structure developed within WP3, for multilingual

access to the resources,

  • for the standard terminologies to be adopted by content holders.

Three deliverables are expected from this workpackage:

  • D4.1 : Identification of terminology resources in European museums
  • D4.2 : Guidelines for mapping into SKOS, dealing with translations
  • D4.3 : Recommendations for integration of data structures into Europeana

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