Paris: ATHENA WP4 Technical Meeting

France - in cooperation with Michael Culture Association

25 June, 2010 - ATHENA workshops


  • WG4 Technical workshop, Paris, 25th of June 2010
    • Agenda [PDF]:
    • WG4 meeting presentation (Marie-Véronique Leroi and Johann Holland) [PDF]
      • I. Welcome and introduction
        • a. Workshop purpose & challenges
        • b. Athena project and WP4
      • II. Benchmark: technical presentations
        • a. Needs and grid for evaluation [video .MOV 12,73 Mb]
        • b. Tools presentations
        • c. Overview of needs covering [video.MOV 10,26 Mb]
        • d. Discussion
      • III. Case studies and External experts recommendations
        • a. SKOSification of the Thesaurus W (Claire Sibille, French Archives departement) [PDF][video .MOV 30,80 Mb]
        • b. Recommendations for mapping : MACS (Patrice Landry, Swiss National Library) [PDF][Video.MOV 49,06 Mb]
        • c. EuroVoc SKOS model (Laurent Begin, Mondeca)[PDF] [video.MOV 39,99 Mb]
        • d. History Management (Lise Rosat, Mondeca)[PDF][video.MOV 14,81 Mb]
      • IV. Athena Thesaurus: state of work
        • a. Methodological reminder
        • b. Athena format
        • c. Current version of the Athena Thesaurus
        • d. Wiki: proposal for a new structure
        • e. D4.2 and D4.3
      • V. Conclusions and perspectives
        • a. Agenda
        • b. Other European projects
        • c. Discussion