Brussels: Europeana and the digital disclosure of cultural heritage


19 gennaio, 2011 - ATHENA-Europeana local workshops

Organised PACKED (Athena project), Royal Museums of Art and History (Athena project), Erfgoedplus (EuropeanaLocal project), Flemish government — Arts and Heritage, SIST-DWTI.

Targeted to People from the cultural heritage sector (museums, libraries, archives) with a specific interest in digitisation, access and interoperability of data (standards, aggregation), Europeana and European digitisation projects.

Belgium is presently involved in several digitisation projects funded by the European commission in order to help build and deliver content to the Europeana portal. With this conference the Belgian Athena and EuropeanaLocal partners wish to bring their involvement in these projects to the attention of the Belgian cultural heritage organisations to inform them on how to use and give better access to their digital content trough the Europeana portal by participating in such projects