Cooperation agreement

The Co-operation Agreement is the instrument to be used by all those organisations and experts who want to cooperate with ATHENA project on one or more of the following topics, in particular:

  • participation in the ATHENA working groups
  • provision of digital content to ATHENA
  • participation in the ATHENA dissemination activities and in the initiatives aimed at the enlargement of the ATHENA network.

Cooperation Agreement Form [.doc ] [.pdf ]

Three copies should be sent to the project coordinator, containing signatures and title of the cooperating institution (third line) as well as of the ATHENA partner who supported this cooperation (second line). Afterwards, after coordinator's signature, two copies will be sent back to the new cooperating institution, and the relevant ATHENA partner.

For any information, please contact the project coordinator: info[at]athenaeurope[dot]org


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