A wiki has been set up within the athena website in order to launch a collaborative work for the WP4 tasks. You can reach the wiki through the following URL:

This wiki presents general information on the objectives of the workpackage but also technical information and documents relevant for the deliverables expected for this WP. It is mainly dedicated to the members of the WP4 working group but you are kindly invited to share the information with people who may have an interest and/or expertise on terminology issues.

Here are some general recommendations on the use of the wiki:


  • Please create an account for contributing to the wiki
  • Please pay attention to the regular information mail sent to inform you what are the updates on the wiki in order to follow and react to the modifications/updates/additions


  • Please disseminate the URL of the wiki to people who may have an expertise on the issues we are dealing with
  • Please avoid communicating your personnal login/pwd of the wiki.

Documentation and collaborative work [especially the WP4 working group] :


  • Please contribute to the guidelines section applying a tag to each guideline. [examples of tags: general, technical, multilingualism, SKOS, ...]
  • Please contribute to the "Documents" and/or the "SKOS introduction" section any document or material that could be relevant for the Working group and SKOSification process
  • Please check and correct/update if necessary the description of terminology resources listed in the "Inventory of resources" section.
  • Please  give us your feedback on the D4.2 section (>D4.2 Aims and Methodology> D4.2 draft plan)

As any wiki, most of the pages can be edited and modified directly; if you want to react on a page, you can use the "Discussion" tab in order to add your comments. Pages can be modified very easily then please be very careful when you make any modification.